Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Friend part 2

We set out the table with turkey and
cranberry sauce sandwiches some mince pies a jar of honey each and
some dandelion & burdock cordial yummy.

Master Jeremy sat down “well this
looks wonderful I am so very hungry you bears are so very kind” he
said “Thank you Master Jeremy please help yourself” I said, at
that point Tat 2 started to ask his questions again “Master Jeremy
could I ask how old you are” oh Tat 2 I told you not to be so rude
to our new friend” I said “Haha that's alright Tat you know
people and Bears have been asking my age for the last 40 years or
more! So I am quite used to it by now. I was born in Germany in 1916
which makes me 93 now (Tat 2 nearly choked on his mince pie when he
heard Jeremy's age) yes I am getting on for a small bear” Jeremy
“Wow so you were born as the first
world war was on why would someone make a bear with all that trouble
going on” I said “Well Tat the lady that made me said there was
so much darkness in the world she wanted to bring some love and
happiness at such a terrible time so I was born, I then went to my
new owner who was a small boy he gave me lots of love and I was
always by his side, the years went by and my owner became a train
driver I found myself up on the footplate of large steam locos with
the wind in my fur and the steam in my face as I remember we
travelled to many countries, could you pass me the mince pies

Monday, 28 December 2009

New Friend

I hope you all had a special Christmas with friends and family and Santa Bear brought lots of presents
Us Tat's had a great time we were slightly concerned about one of our presents under the tree as it seemed to move at times so on Christmas day Tat 2 and myself were very interested when it came time to open the present, we sat eagerly unwrapping it thinking there may be a Guinea pig or something like that for us Tat's.
Well we ripped off the last piece of warping to reveal a box, we lifted the lid and our eyes nearly popped out of our heads, as there laying in the box was an old Teddy Bear, I said "are you alright Bear" "The name is Master Jeremy and yes I am alright, but a little squashed" the Bear said, we helped Master Jeremy out of the box "can we get you anything" I said "Yes some cake and a drink would be nice young Bear" he said to me Tat 2 asked "Master Jeremy how old are you, where do you come from, are you going to stay with us" "Slow down Bear I will tell all in good time" he said.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Time for Tea

New Forest

Now two weeks ago us Tat's were visiting the New Forest in Hampshire, on the Saturday the sun was shinning so we set off driving through the forest, we got to a place called Beaulieu what a lovely place. well our eyes nearly popped out of our heads as we walked up the main street in the village as there on the corner was a Teddy Bear shop woo hoo our little legs had never run as fast except when we were chased by a bull once.
The shop called Bear it in Mind turns out to be home of Bartie Bear and all his friends, well us Tat's were welcomed in with open arms I have to say I now know what a child feels like in a sweet shop as this Bear shop was fantastic, Julie and Amanda two lovely lady's who run the shop said we could please ourself s, they introduced us to Bartie Bear who happened to be having a tea party on the day we visited he said he was waiting for some friends to turn up so we joined him for tea and cake, we took turns telling stories and learning about each other.
Then Bartie showed us his hotel and spar for Bears if a Bear is sick and needs fixing up they can go to the hotel and enjoy a luxury stay whilst being in hospital "can we meet some of the patients now" I asked "of course you can" said Bartie.
We started to meet some of the Bears who were in the hotel spar and hospital one Bear had some nose stitching which had frayed another had some paw pad trouble but were all very happy to be in the hospital for treatment, Bartie said we could go through to the intensive bear unit if we wanted, so I warn you now if you are a Bear with a nervous disposition don't read on.

We walked through into a lovely clean room with pictures of Bears on the walls three Bears were laying on beds Tat 2 said "They are not saying much Tat" I was just going to explain about intensive Bear ward but it was too late Tat 2 had gone over to one of the old Bears lying under a blanket and on a honey drip, before I could stop him Tat 2 had lifted up the blanket to see what was wrong with the old Bear.

The fur was there but no stuffing inside the Bear, he did not look well at all and at this point Tat 2 passed out cold fell from the counter top and banged his head on the floor he lay not moving. Amanda the nurse heard all the commotion and came in to see what we were up to she gasped what has happened here I told her of Tat 2's inquisitive nature "will he be alright" I asked as I was getting quite concerned at the time,

Amanda told me about the honey drip and its special powers as she connected it to Tat 2 he will be fine just give him some time.

Now I have seen Tat 2 get into all sorts of trouble but this time I was really worried he was just not moving Amanda the nurse kept checking him and the honey drip adjusting the flow, Bartie was by my side and telling me some tales of Bears he had met at the hospital when all of a sudden Tat 2 sat up in the bed “Tat where am I thought we were going to see the patients what's this drip why can I taste honey” “Its ok Tat 2 you had a fall the nurse put you on the honey drip to make you better” “Nothing wrong with me where's my pony” Tat 2 said.

Woo hoo Tat 2 is back to normal talking nonsense, so there we were visiting a hospital in the New Forest and meeting the patients then Tat 2 ended up as a patient just another normal day in the lives of Tat's

Monday, 23 November 2009

The Cornwall Christmas Bear Fair

Hi to all this was the stand that we had yesterday at The Cornwall Christmas Bear Fair what a great event, we had a fantastic time selling our Cornish Pictures the Bears all had good time too. The event was well supported and lots of bears found new homes we can't wait for the next one.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Greetings my name is Giles I have recently moved from Brighton down to Cornwall to join the Bears on location team, I have just been out on my first photo shoot at the beautiful Loe Bar Beach near Porthleven Cornwall I love this place,  Edwin and Edgar are great bears with big hearts we are all getting on famously I must say Alfie is great fun but very tiring.
Now I have to tell you all about next weekend 22nd November it is the Christmas Bear fair at Lostwitheal Cornwall we will all be there from Bears on Location so come along and meet us there will be lots of bears and Teddy stuff so make sure you visit.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Teddy Christmas Cards

Get your Teddy Bear Christmas Cards now at

We have five fantastic traditional designs in a Cornish cottage setting with log fire and the Bears surrounded with presents, if you are looking for a special card look no further than for a Beary Merry Christmas.   

Saturday, 7 November 2009

New Items

Great news at Bears on Location, My Father has just finished making the first batch of Teddy Bear size deck chairs, all hand made in Cornwall they are finished in natural wood with  a heavy duty cloth material.
The size of each chair is 16"/40cm when laid flat,  you can view them on our website

Go on treat your bears the ideal Christmas gift.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Oyster Festival

The Bears on Location team are worn out after three days at The Falmouth Oyster Festival, what a fantastic time we had selling lots of photos of Cornish landscapes and Teddy Bears by Dale Reardon, we also sold many of our wonderful Russ Berrie Bears to lovely new owners all I can say is what a great festival and we can't wait till next year make sure you make a note in your diary. 

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Well we had a great day at the oyster festival Falmouth, bears on location went down so well woo hoo think we are running out of stock now! some bears went to new homes which is nice to see spreading the word of Teddy Bears , If your near Falmouth tomorrow come and see us.

Friday, 9 October 2009

TWTBA : Bear Artist At Home

TWTBA : Bear Artist At Home

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TWTBA : Bear Artist At Home

TWTBA : Bear Artist At Home

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Safe and sound

Safe and sound

We sat by the lake together reflecting on the fate of the submarine and Tat 2's escape with the Bear to Surface Escape system, Happy Bears.
Hours went by as I sat on the side of the lake blankly gazing into the black water I was feeling very down and numb, I heard someone behind me say "weather turned out nice in the end" I coldly replied "yes" the voice came back again with "well thats not much of a welcome" at that point I realized who was talking to me. "Tat 2, Tat 2 Woo Hooooooooooo Taaaaat 2 your alive" I jumped to my feet and gave my brother a big hug "whaaat haaaappened" "oh Tat as I went down into the water I ran into a Cormorant who was fishing for his lunch and he got his beak caught in the tow line" "Oh dear" I said "well yes the trouble was he got scared I think he thought the submarine was a big fish chasing him so he pulled me all over the lake underwater until we hit the far bank as we hit the impact caused the air tank to burst and the Cormorant to escape so I was stuck there" "well what happened how did you get out of the sub and your fur is still dry how come" I asked. "You know what Ting bear is like he had put in all this safety equipment, I was just thinking this could be the end of me, when suddenly a big red light came on and I heard a loud bang the next thing I knew was I was laying on some grass behind the trees" "Oh I don't understand Tat 2" I said "Oh its simple there was a Bear to surface escape system fitted to the submarine although I cant remember much about going up through the water or flying through the air!" "Oh its just so good to see you standing there woo hoo I'm the happiest bear alive" So this time everything ended up alright I have to say I think we will leave the sub where it is in a watery grave, but I must thank Ting Bear for taking time to fit all the safety systems you saved my best friend and brother thank you. Love Tat x

Thursday, 8 October 2009



Oh please bring him back.
Well I am terribly worried now as its been some time since Tat 2 and the submarine went down into the depths of the boating lake, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out "oh Tat 2 where are you you stupid bear". At that point Ting Bear arrived he started telling me about all the safety systems he built into the submarine, I said "I don't think they are working Ting" Ashley said I should get the boatman to pull the plug to the lake but I fear its all to late for that it would take ages for the water to drain, Ting said "Oh Tat I have a remote control for the safety systems don't panic" "well get on with it Ting" I cried. Ting started pushing some buttons on a remote then the handset made some funny noises "fizz bang flash" Ting started hitting the remote I could not bear it so I walked off around the lake thinking of poor Tat 2.

The Bear Club - Bear Blogs - tat - No Sign

The Bear Club - Bear Blogs - tat - No Sign

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Worried Picture Description
"um where is that stupid bear"
See Larger image and comments >>
So there we were two Bears one submarine and a doubting boatman, I smashed the bottle of shampoo on the subs bow and we pushed and pushed "I name this sub Tat of the deep" I cried at the top of my voice " May all who sail in her have as much fun as we did building her"the sub floated out on the water and I have to say looked very good.
Tat 2 climbed aboard with his Naval issue sunglasses at that point there was a slight problem the shampoo that we used in the launch the bubbles were blowing everywhere, but not to worry we have more important things to think about.
The boatman was still mumbling something about Bears and boats as Tat2 set sail he approached mid way across the lake and gave the signal "dive dive dive" the sub started to go down into the depths Tat 2 and the sub disappeared, now the plan was to surface straight away, but ten minuets later still no sign of Tat 2 by this time the boat man had got in his boat and was rowing at speed to where we last saw Tat 2 .

The Bear Club - Bear Blogs - tat

The Bear Club - Bear Blogs - tat

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The Bear Club - Bear Blogs - tat - 2000 mm under the sea

The Bear Club - Bear Blogs - tat - 2000 mm under the sea

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Well us Tat's have been looking out of the window for three days now with no break in the rain. So we decided to go up to the shed and build something to enable us to get around in all this water, we are quite dab paws at this as we have built one before some time ago so with lots of banging and hard work and some technical input from Ting Bear we emerged from the shed with our Tat submarine MKII. Woo Hoo lets go straight down to the boating lake the home of many of our adventures the man who runs the boats at the boating lake said "thats a good effort Bears but I dont think it will work"
to continue

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Well that worked I'm over the moon


Hi just testing if I can add pictures to my blog

Monday, 5 October 2009


Well we had a good day yesterday at events square Falmouth selling pictures and Bears, so today we all took things easy sleeping in late.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Autumn Fair

Today we attended an Autumn Fair in Helston but had a quiet day, tomorrow we are down at Falmouth so lets hope we have a better day.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Well what a day we have had, the bears decided we would go out on location and get some new pictures for our business so off we go 8 bears one expensive camera and some lenses, now the forecast was for sun and more sun well we got to where we were going and the sun had gone in the other direction, so there we were 8 Bears on top of a hill with no sun so we had to move on, I felt like a storm chaser.
We found the sun at a lovely beach called Portreath Cornwall where we walked along the cliff top to a great view over the bay woo hoo Great shots for Bears on Location what a great morning we had.
Love Tat x

Monday, 21 September 2009


Well we had a great day in Falmouth Cornwall yesterday, sold lots of pictures from our Bears on Location stall looking forward to 4/10/09 when we will be there again.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


What a great day we have had been putting together some pictures for Bears on Location ready for selling at Falmouth arts and crafts tomorrow, the sun has been shining and we are feeling happy.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Pictures

Well here in Cornwall UK we have been enjoying a week of lovely sunny weather which means us Bears have been out and about on photo shoots,
we Visited Falmouth and Land's End I have to say the sunset at Land's End was beautiful and the colors were just amazing Edwin and Edgar sat and watched the sun go down arm in arm. You can see the Picture on our website   in latest images let us know what you think.
We are also attending Falmouth Arts and Crafts fair in  Events Square Falmouth Cornwall UK this Sunday, we would love to see you if you are in the area come and say hello.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The sun is shining for the forth day in succession woo hoo Helston has a continental market today so we are going to have a look around. 

Friday, 11 September 2009

More great new from Bears on Location we have just taken delivery of a consignment of Russ Berrie Teddy Bears which can be purchased on our website

The sunset

Well we got to Land's End just in time to see the sun going down what a wonderful sight, Edwin managed to fall over and was complaining of a headache afterwards but is fine today.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


The Bears on location team are heading for Land's End Cornwall for the sunset tonight,hoping to get some great shots for
Edwin and Tat can't wait.

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Bear Club - What's Your Teddy Bear Done Today?

The Bear Club - What's Your Teddy Bear Done Today?

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Everything Teddy Bear Related - The Bear Directory - Home

Everything Teddy Bear Related - The Bear Directory - Home

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Bears on Location

Bears on Location

Teddy Bear Day

Well on Wednesday of this week I will be at Trevano country estate Crowntown Cornwall with my pictures and the Bears, there will be lots to do, lots of Teddies and a Teddy Bear parade,hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hello to all Teddy Bear fans this is my first blog here, I will try and keep you all posted on my travels and the locations that I visit with my Bears