Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Worried Picture Description
"um where is that stupid bear"
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So there we were two Bears one submarine and a doubting boatman, I smashed the bottle of shampoo on the subs bow and we pushed and pushed "I name this sub Tat of the deep" I cried at the top of my voice " May all who sail in her have as much fun as we did building her"the sub floated out on the water and I have to say looked very good.
Tat 2 climbed aboard with his Naval issue sunglasses at that point there was a slight problem the shampoo that we used in the launch the bubbles were blowing everywhere, but not to worry we have more important things to think about.
The boatman was still mumbling something about Bears and boats as Tat2 set sail he approached mid way across the lake and gave the signal "dive dive dive" the sub started to go down into the depths Tat 2 and the sub disappeared, now the plan was to surface straight away, but ten minuets later still no sign of Tat 2 by this time the boat man had got in his boat and was rowing at speed to where we last saw Tat 2 .

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