Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Well us Tat's have been looking out of the window for three days now with no break in the rain. So we decided to go up to the shed and build something to enable us to get around in all this water, we are quite dab paws at this as we have built one before some time ago so with lots of banging and hard work and some technical input from Ting Bear we emerged from the shed with our Tat submarine MKII. Woo Hoo lets go straight down to the boating lake the home of many of our adventures the man who runs the boats at the boating lake said "thats a good effort Bears but I dont think it will work"
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  1. Well Ahoy there! Wow, how cool is that!! Looks like fun, hope it works. I'm gonna show this to my dad when he gets home today. My dad was a submariner in the US Navy.

    Stay dry,