Friday, 9 October 2009

Safe and sound

Safe and sound

We sat by the lake together reflecting on the fate of the submarine and Tat 2's escape with the Bear to Surface Escape system, Happy Bears.
Hours went by as I sat on the side of the lake blankly gazing into the black water I was feeling very down and numb, I heard someone behind me say "weather turned out nice in the end" I coldly replied "yes" the voice came back again with "well thats not much of a welcome" at that point I realized who was talking to me. "Tat 2, Tat 2 Woo Hooooooooooo Taaaaat 2 your alive" I jumped to my feet and gave my brother a big hug "whaaat haaaappened" "oh Tat as I went down into the water I ran into a Cormorant who was fishing for his lunch and he got his beak caught in the tow line" "Oh dear" I said "well yes the trouble was he got scared I think he thought the submarine was a big fish chasing him so he pulled me all over the lake underwater until we hit the far bank as we hit the impact caused the air tank to burst and the Cormorant to escape so I was stuck there" "well what happened how did you get out of the sub and your fur is still dry how come" I asked. "You know what Ting bear is like he had put in all this safety equipment, I was just thinking this could be the end of me, when suddenly a big red light came on and I heard a loud bang the next thing I knew was I was laying on some grass behind the trees" "Oh I don't understand Tat 2" I said "Oh its simple there was a Bear to surface escape system fitted to the submarine although I cant remember much about going up through the water or flying through the air!" "Oh its just so good to see you standing there woo hoo I'm the happiest bear alive" So this time everything ended up alright I have to say I think we will leave the sub where it is in a watery grave, but I must thank Ting Bear for taking time to fit all the safety systems you saved my best friend and brother thank you. Love Tat x


  1. Tat,
    Rejoicing with you that Tat2 is safe on dry land. He has had quite an adventure!

    My dad enjoyed your submarine photos and story. Reminded him of a certain bear who long ago was a stow-away on his submarine. You can read about it on my blog.

    Great story guys!