Friday, 29 January 2010

Bears on Location

Bears on Location

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Friend.......... conclusion
After we had all eaten to much the three of us drifted of to sleep it had been a very exciting day and I have to say exhausting.
As I sat sleeping in my chair I dreamt of old bears and people who made them, what wonderful stories they can tell I dreamt that I was 100 yeas old telling of times long ago, Suddenly Tat 2 was tugging on my paw “Tat Tat wake up” He said “ “oh what is it Tat 2 what do you want” I said in a grumpy sore head sort of way, “Its Master Jeremy he's gone” Tat 2 said looking quite disturbed.
“Well he must be in the house somewhere Tat 2 he's only just arrived” we looked in the kitchen but no Jeremy He must be upstairs as there was nowhere else to look, “over here Tat He's on the stairs come quick” Tat 2shouted “Oh Master Jeremy what an earth are you doing we were worried about you” I said to him as he sat half way up the stairs, “Oh I'm sorry Bears but I need to find something out” Jeremy replied “find what out” Tat2 and myself said at the same time.
Well you see bears (he seemed to like calling us bears for some reason) I was telling you of my life then we all fell asleep but you don't want to hear about all that!!” we looked at each other “oh yes we do, we would love to hear the rest of your story”.
“Alright then now where was I, ah yes on the foot plate of great steam engines it was on one such trip we were heading into Paris my owner was driving and I sat in my usual place as we approached the station my owner was taken ill and collapsed as we arrived in Paris he was taken off to hospital
I stayed by the boiler fire that night waiting for him to return, that was a long night the next morning I heard voices and my heart skipped thinking my owner was coming to collect me but it was not him.
The relief driver climbed aboard there was nowhere for me to hide, He saw me and I heard him mumble something about a lost bear the next thing I knew he had put me in the lost luggage cage on the platform, I stayed in that cage for I don't know how long” “Didn't your owner come back for you” Tat 2 asked rather quietly “Well my dear bear I'm afraid not I did have some people look at me a small boy picked me up but his mother said you don't want that dirty old thing, I looked down at myself I was quite grubby from all the coal dust and soot from the steam, I started to feel there was no hope.

Then one sunny morning a girl who from England found me she showed her Mum and her Mum said oh you poor Bear we will take you with us and clean you up you can live with us in England.
So I found myself arriving at a huge manor house in the heart of England and luckily for me there were some other bears there, I have fond memories of them”.

“But how come you have come to Cornwall to our house I don't understand” I said to Jeremy
“Oh its quite simple Tat you see whist I was at the Manor house the other bears there sent word out to see if anyone knew of me or my owner, several years went by but one day I received a letter It was from a German bear called Giles turns out he is my cousin and he is living in England Cornwall to be precise” “You mean to say that Giles is your cousin” I said with my jaw nearly touching the ground “What are you on about Tat who's Giles” Tat 2 said “Giles our friend upstairs you silly bear” “but how can he be”

“Here I still have the letter, now is he here I think I have spent long enough talking about it as I have not seen him for some 70 odd years I don't want to wast any more time”
So there we were Tat 2and myself staring at an old letter hand written by Giles Bear to Master Jeremy Who would have believed it such a SMALL WORLD.

The End