Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fire Bear

I was just having breakfast this morning with my Dad and his fire buzzer went off.

He jumped to his feet and took off, lucky for me he grabbed me too!
We got to the fire station and climbed aboard the fire engine, there were five other fire-fighters already on the engine but my Dad was in the front and in charge, so I joined him up front looking out of the windscreen.
The blue lights were flashing and the sirens roaring as we sped towards the fire which was a old Methodist Chapel which now has shops selling all sorts of things inside.
We turned into the town square and there were already other fire engines in attendance hoses and fire-fighters were everywhere, we could see smoke spilling out of the roof and there was a crowd of people gathered, one of the fire-fighters said quick we need you.
We all got our breathing sets on and entered the smoke filled building it was very dark and I could not even see my paw in front of my eyes but one of the fire-fighters had a thermal image camera which meant we could see in the dark.
We made our way to the fire and started to spray some water on it just then some of the celling started to drop down on us.
So there we were in thick smoke spraying water on the fire suddenly I heard something coming from one of the rooms, I listened and I heard it again "Help Help me" the fire-fighter with the thermal image camera turned and searched in the smoke "over there" he shouted "To your left" I made my way forward to what looked like a doorway, just inside was three what seamed to be old rags then I heard the voice " Help Please" I felt out and touched fur "Please get me out" there in front of me was a Bear.
I could just make out two other bears I pulled the bear back out of the doorway there was a loud crash and the floor gave way in the room where the bears were laying, I pulled the Bear out to the safety of fresh air and away from the fire.

I waved to a Paramedic who came over with some oxygen and put a mask over the unconscious bear's nose he breathed in the cool oxygen for a few minutes, then the bear came round "Did you get my friends out" he said to me gasping "We tried our best but the floor gave way and they are lost I'm sorry" I said to him clutching his paw for comfort.
The Bear had tears in his eyes.

The Bear said to me "I have nowhere to go now what shall become of me" "Don't worry Bear you can come and stay with us, we will help you get through this" I told him
I carried him back to the fire engine and put him on the seat "You're safe now I will look after you don't worry, what should I call you?” I asked the bear “Jed my name is Jed” he replied.
So what a traumatic day for the Jed bear but now he is back home I gave him some honey in milk and wrapped him in a blanket he is safe and sound and with some tender love and care we will make him feel better.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


This week all the Bears woke from their winter sleep and got back to work at Bears on Location,
This year we have two more bears joining us! Daisy May an American Bear from 1920, she has taken a shine to Giles and no doubt will be by his side in many of the pictures they make a great couple.
Master Jeremy is the other new addition to the crew, he is now the oldest bear at Bears on Location being born in Germany in 1916, he is a very cute Bear with great character and a great bear to talk to.
We have already been out on Location and the pictures can be seen in the latest pictures section on
So we are very excited about 2010 and are just planning all the events for this year so we will keep you posted on that.
Tat bear, Bears on Location xox

Next round

Next Round
We woke to the sound of our rooster alarm clock at 5.30 am, as soon as I moved I thought we maybe in trouble as I had aches and pains all over “tat 2 are you feeling alright” I shouted through to the other room “ well my arms and leg are aching Tat think its something to do with the crash” Tat 2 shouted back.
Oh dear this could be a real problem we have to do well today or our medal chances are over “I will get Ting up here he will know what to do” Tat2 said
Ting came straight up to see us “what s the trouble Tat's” Ting asked “well we have all sorts of aches and pains dont think we can run very fast like this” I replied “ok you both carry on with breakfast I will see what I can do” Ting said and with that left in a hurry.
We made our breakfast and as it was pancake day thats what we had woo hoo,
we had just finished and Ting returned with two bears who specialise in sports therapy, half an hour of what seemed like torture we were told to rest for five minutes and then we could start to warm up for the competition.
We sat in our room for five minutes and then started to move thinking we would feel no better but some how the sports therapy had done its job, my paws and things felt very loose woo hoo Tat 2 said he felt good.
So we made our way down to the start shed for the next round as we walked in there was a cheer from the other teams. the officials checked our Bob-sleigh for any defects saying they had some concerns after our crash, but after extensive scrutiny they said we were good to go!
The Buzzer sounded Team Tat's Take your Position we headed out to the start line.
5-4-3-2-1-GO GO GO
We pushed and pushed for all we were worth I jumped in, followed by Tat 2 the clock recorded a start time of 6.25 sec which was not good as our German rivals had recorded 5.35 sec a new bear record, so with our start we had our work cut out to make up the time,
I looked straight ahead and positioned the sled with perfect position we came out of turn four the clock flashed 1st place we had fantastic speed 86mph 2mph faster than the German bears as we rounded the last bend I looked to the finish line and the clock stopped ,Tat 2 put the brake on I gave a high five paw and we came to a stop,
there was loud cheering from the crowd just then the German team came running over “well done Tats well done you got the Gold” “ woo hoo we got gold woo hoo”
We sat back on our sled what a run that was I never thought we would do it,
but thanks to our new friends helping us with the Bob we did, we did it!!

Team Tat's
Gold Two Bear Bob 2010 Olympics Vancouver.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


We had a very early start to valentines day no time for cards or heart shaped goodies we had our protein breakfast then straight down to the Bob Run, first job polish the runners and prepare the Bob for the first qualifying runs of the two Bear bob in the 2010 Olympics.
We were quite nervous as we looked around at some of the competition, the German bears looked well prepared and the push bear was a big and powerful bear, the Chinese had a team of Pandas with a very space age looking Bob, But Tat 2 said “we are as good as any bears if not better so come on Tat's"
The officials came round to each team and checked all our equipment before we took to the ice.
A loud buzzer sounded and the first team took up their start position it was the Pandas and their space age bob the clock counted down and off they went with a swishing sound I must say they looked very slick.
Tat 2 was warming up ready for the push off we were all ready to go when the buzzer sounded TEAM TAT'S TAKE YOUR START POSITION.

We took our places Ting our coach made sure we were in the right place on the ice
5-4-3-2-1-Go Go Go Go we pushed off I jumped into the bob and Tat 2 really pushed hard 6.35 sec start time!
I focused on the track ahead Tat 2 climbed on board our Bob and tucked down behind me, at the first turn we were going well and we picked up speed through the second third and fourth bends.
I was concentrating on the right line as we entered the next bend, all was looking good when suddenly my paw slipped out of the steering stirrup the bob weaved and went high, I regained control but we had scrubbed off our speed! Then I made two more mistakes.
As we crossed the finish line I shook my head and looked back at the timing clock we were in 7 place so far out of the ten teams who had already made a run which wasn't as bad as I was expecting, with 12 teams in the competition we would be going through even if the next run was not great.
We returned to the top of the run Ting looked at the steering stirrup and made some changes to my glove so It would not slip, we had time to compose ourselves and keep our fluid levels up Tat 2 said “we will give it our all on this next run Tat so we get a good start position in the next round” “ok lets do it Tat 2” I shouted back

The Buzzer sounded and we were back on the start line with a final pat on the back from Tat 2 and Ting the coach, the clock counted down,5-4-3-2-1-Go Go Go with a Bear shattering 5.95 sec start time (which was faster than the German Bear bob) we headed down the run our first time check flashed up 1st place, then we headed for the big turn in turn six we were carrying so much speed I had to take the bob very high as we came down from the turn something went bang at the back of the Bob, the next thing I felt was the ice burning my fur as we slid down the run on our side, I could feel Tat 2 holding on to me as we bumped and slid upside-down we come to rest near the finish line, the medics were there in an instance checking for any fur loss or stuffing damage.
I would just like to thank them for the great work they do but us Tat's were ok although a bit bruised and battered.
Ting took a look at the Bob and said he was not sure if he could fix it for the next round tomorrow! Just then the German Bears came over to see us they asked if we were ok “that was a nasty crash you Bears had” the big Bear said “Thanks we are ok but our Bob has got lots of damage one of the runners is broken in two which caused the crash “ I said "Oh thats no problem our mechanic is the best in the business he can fix it for you go back and rest we will make sure its done by tomorrow” the German bear said “Oh thank you so much but we are your competition why would you help us when medals are at stake” Tat 2 said to them “Tat 2 we have all trained hard for this if we can't beat you on the track then we don't deserve to win may the best Bears win”the German bear said, woo hoo looks like we will be back again tomorrow!