Sunday, 14 February 2010


We had a very early start to valentines day no time for cards or heart shaped goodies we had our protein breakfast then straight down to the Bob Run, first job polish the runners and prepare the Bob for the first qualifying runs of the two Bear bob in the 2010 Olympics.
We were quite nervous as we looked around at some of the competition, the German bears looked well prepared and the push bear was a big and powerful bear, the Chinese had a team of Pandas with a very space age looking Bob, But Tat 2 said “we are as good as any bears if not better so come on Tat's"
The officials came round to each team and checked all our equipment before we took to the ice.
A loud buzzer sounded and the first team took up their start position it was the Pandas and their space age bob the clock counted down and off they went with a swishing sound I must say they looked very slick.
Tat 2 was warming up ready for the push off we were all ready to go when the buzzer sounded TEAM TAT'S TAKE YOUR START POSITION.

We took our places Ting our coach made sure we were in the right place on the ice
5-4-3-2-1-Go Go Go Go we pushed off I jumped into the bob and Tat 2 really pushed hard 6.35 sec start time!
I focused on the track ahead Tat 2 climbed on board our Bob and tucked down behind me, at the first turn we were going well and we picked up speed through the second third and fourth bends.
I was concentrating on the right line as we entered the next bend, all was looking good when suddenly my paw slipped out of the steering stirrup the bob weaved and went high, I regained control but we had scrubbed off our speed! Then I made two more mistakes.
As we crossed the finish line I shook my head and looked back at the timing clock we were in 7 place so far out of the ten teams who had already made a run which wasn't as bad as I was expecting, with 12 teams in the competition we would be going through even if the next run was not great.
We returned to the top of the run Ting looked at the steering stirrup and made some changes to my glove so It would not slip, we had time to compose ourselves and keep our fluid levels up Tat 2 said “we will give it our all on this next run Tat so we get a good start position in the next round” “ok lets do it Tat 2” I shouted back

The Buzzer sounded and we were back on the start line with a final pat on the back from Tat 2 and Ting the coach, the clock counted down,5-4-3-2-1-Go Go Go with a Bear shattering 5.95 sec start time (which was faster than the German Bear bob) we headed down the run our first time check flashed up 1st place, then we headed for the big turn in turn six we were carrying so much speed I had to take the bob very high as we came down from the turn something went bang at the back of the Bob, the next thing I felt was the ice burning my fur as we slid down the run on our side, I could feel Tat 2 holding on to me as we bumped and slid upside-down we come to rest near the finish line, the medics were there in an instance checking for any fur loss or stuffing damage.
I would just like to thank them for the great work they do but us Tat's were ok although a bit bruised and battered.
Ting took a look at the Bob and said he was not sure if he could fix it for the next round tomorrow! Just then the German Bears came over to see us they asked if we were ok “that was a nasty crash you Bears had” the big Bear said “Thanks we are ok but our Bob has got lots of damage one of the runners is broken in two which caused the crash “ I said "Oh thats no problem our mechanic is the best in the business he can fix it for you go back and rest we will make sure its done by tomorrow” the German bear said “Oh thank you so much but we are your competition why would you help us when medals are at stake” Tat 2 said to them “Tat 2 we have all trained hard for this if we can't beat you on the track then we don't deserve to win may the best Bears win”the German bear said, woo hoo looks like we will be back again tomorrow!


  1. That was very nice of the German bears to help you! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story!