Thursday, 18 February 2010

Next round

Next Round
We woke to the sound of our rooster alarm clock at 5.30 am, as soon as I moved I thought we maybe in trouble as I had aches and pains all over “tat 2 are you feeling alright” I shouted through to the other room “ well my arms and leg are aching Tat think its something to do with the crash” Tat 2 shouted back.
Oh dear this could be a real problem we have to do well today or our medal chances are over “I will get Ting up here he will know what to do” Tat2 said
Ting came straight up to see us “what s the trouble Tat's” Ting asked “well we have all sorts of aches and pains dont think we can run very fast like this” I replied “ok you both carry on with breakfast I will see what I can do” Ting said and with that left in a hurry.
We made our breakfast and as it was pancake day thats what we had woo hoo,
we had just finished and Ting returned with two bears who specialise in sports therapy, half an hour of what seemed like torture we were told to rest for five minutes and then we could start to warm up for the competition.
We sat in our room for five minutes and then started to move thinking we would feel no better but some how the sports therapy had done its job, my paws and things felt very loose woo hoo Tat 2 said he felt good.
So we made our way down to the start shed for the next round as we walked in there was a cheer from the other teams. the officials checked our Bob-sleigh for any defects saying they had some concerns after our crash, but after extensive scrutiny they said we were good to go!
The Buzzer sounded Team Tat's Take your Position we headed out to the start line.
5-4-3-2-1-GO GO GO
We pushed and pushed for all we were worth I jumped in, followed by Tat 2 the clock recorded a start time of 6.25 sec which was not good as our German rivals had recorded 5.35 sec a new bear record, so with our start we had our work cut out to make up the time,
I looked straight ahead and positioned the sled with perfect position we came out of turn four the clock flashed 1st place we had fantastic speed 86mph 2mph faster than the German bears as we rounded the last bend I looked to the finish line and the clock stopped ,Tat 2 put the brake on I gave a high five paw and we came to a stop,
there was loud cheering from the crowd just then the German team came running over “well done Tats well done you got the Gold” “ woo hoo we got gold woo hoo”
We sat back on our sled what a run that was I never thought we would do it,
but thanks to our new friends helping us with the Bob we did, we did it!!

Team Tat's
Gold Two Bear Bob 2010 Olympics Vancouver.

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