Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fire Bear

I was just having breakfast this morning with my Dad and his fire buzzer went off.

He jumped to his feet and took off, lucky for me he grabbed me too!
We got to the fire station and climbed aboard the fire engine, there were five other fire-fighters already on the engine but my Dad was in the front and in charge, so I joined him up front looking out of the windscreen.
The blue lights were flashing and the sirens roaring as we sped towards the fire which was a old Methodist Chapel which now has shops selling all sorts of things inside.
We turned into the town square and there were already other fire engines in attendance hoses and fire-fighters were everywhere, we could see smoke spilling out of the roof and there was a crowd of people gathered, one of the fire-fighters said quick we need you.
We all got our breathing sets on and entered the smoke filled building it was very dark and I could not even see my paw in front of my eyes but one of the fire-fighters had a thermal image camera which meant we could see in the dark.
We made our way to the fire and started to spray some water on it just then some of the celling started to drop down on us.
So there we were in thick smoke spraying water on the fire suddenly I heard something coming from one of the rooms, I listened and I heard it again "Help Help me" the fire-fighter with the thermal image camera turned and searched in the smoke "over there" he shouted "To your left" I made my way forward to what looked like a doorway, just inside was three what seamed to be old rags then I heard the voice " Help Please" I felt out and touched fur "Please get me out" there in front of me was a Bear.
I could just make out two other bears I pulled the bear back out of the doorway there was a loud crash and the floor gave way in the room where the bears were laying, I pulled the Bear out to the safety of fresh air and away from the fire.

I waved to a Paramedic who came over with some oxygen and put a mask over the unconscious bear's nose he breathed in the cool oxygen for a few minutes, then the bear came round "Did you get my friends out" he said to me gasping "We tried our best but the floor gave way and they are lost I'm sorry" I said to him clutching his paw for comfort.
The Bear had tears in his eyes.

The Bear said to me "I have nowhere to go now what shall become of me" "Don't worry Bear you can come and stay with us, we will help you get through this" I told him
I carried him back to the fire engine and put him on the seat "You're safe now I will look after you don't worry, what should I call you?” I asked the bear “Jed my name is Jed” he replied.
So what a traumatic day for the Jed bear but now he is back home I gave him some honey in milk and wrapped him in a blanket he is safe and sound and with some tender love and care we will make him feel better.

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