Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Friend part 2

We set out the table with turkey and
cranberry sauce sandwiches some mince pies a jar of honey each and
some dandelion & burdock cordial yummy.

Master Jeremy sat down “well this
looks wonderful I am so very hungry you bears are so very kind” he
said “Thank you Master Jeremy please help yourself” I said, at
that point Tat 2 started to ask his questions again “Master Jeremy
could I ask how old you are” oh Tat 2 I told you not to be so rude
to our new friend” I said “Haha that's alright Tat you know
people and Bears have been asking my age for the last 40 years or
more! So I am quite used to it by now. I was born in Germany in 1916
which makes me 93 now (Tat 2 nearly choked on his mince pie when he
heard Jeremy's age) yes I am getting on for a small bear” Jeremy
“Wow so you were born as the first
world war was on why would someone make a bear with all that trouble
going on” I said “Well Tat the lady that made me said there was
so much darkness in the world she wanted to bring some love and
happiness at such a terrible time so I was born, I then went to my
new owner who was a small boy he gave me lots of love and I was
always by his side, the years went by and my owner became a train
driver I found myself up on the footplate of large steam locos with
the wind in my fur and the steam in my face as I remember we
travelled to many countries, could you pass me the mince pies

1 comment:

  1. What a dignified old gentleman bear is Mr Jeremy! He must have had lots of experiences during his long life. I'm glad he has found a loving home. Happy New Year!