Friday, 11 December 2009

New Forest

Now two weeks ago us Tat's were visiting the New Forest in Hampshire, on the Saturday the sun was shinning so we set off driving through the forest, we got to a place called Beaulieu what a lovely place. well our eyes nearly popped out of our heads as we walked up the main street in the village as there on the corner was a Teddy Bear shop woo hoo our little legs had never run as fast except when we were chased by a bull once.
The shop called Bear it in Mind turns out to be home of Bartie Bear and all his friends, well us Tat's were welcomed in with open arms I have to say I now know what a child feels like in a sweet shop as this Bear shop was fantastic, Julie and Amanda two lovely lady's who run the shop said we could please ourself s, they introduced us to Bartie Bear who happened to be having a tea party on the day we visited he said he was waiting for some friends to turn up so we joined him for tea and cake, we took turns telling stories and learning about each other.
Then Bartie showed us his hotel and spar for Bears if a Bear is sick and needs fixing up they can go to the hotel and enjoy a luxury stay whilst being in hospital "can we meet some of the patients now" I asked "of course you can" said Bartie.
We started to meet some of the Bears who were in the hotel spar and hospital one Bear had some nose stitching which had frayed another had some paw pad trouble but were all very happy to be in the hospital for treatment, Bartie said we could go through to the intensive bear unit if we wanted, so I warn you now if you are a Bear with a nervous disposition don't read on.

We walked through into a lovely clean room with pictures of Bears on the walls three Bears were laying on beds Tat 2 said "They are not saying much Tat" I was just going to explain about intensive Bear ward but it was too late Tat 2 had gone over to one of the old Bears lying under a blanket and on a honey drip, before I could stop him Tat 2 had lifted up the blanket to see what was wrong with the old Bear.

The fur was there but no stuffing inside the Bear, he did not look well at all and at this point Tat 2 passed out cold fell from the counter top and banged his head on the floor he lay not moving. Amanda the nurse heard all the commotion and came in to see what we were up to she gasped what has happened here I told her of Tat 2's inquisitive nature "will he be alright" I asked as I was getting quite concerned at the time,

Amanda told me about the honey drip and its special powers as she connected it to Tat 2 he will be fine just give him some time.

Now I have seen Tat 2 get into all sorts of trouble but this time I was really worried he was just not moving Amanda the nurse kept checking him and the honey drip adjusting the flow, Bartie was by my side and telling me some tales of Bears he had met at the hospital when all of a sudden Tat 2 sat up in the bed “Tat where am I thought we were going to see the patients what's this drip why can I taste honey” “Its ok Tat 2 you had a fall the nurse put you on the honey drip to make you better” “Nothing wrong with me where's my pony” Tat 2 said.

Woo hoo Tat 2 is back to normal talking nonsense, so there we were visiting a hospital in the New Forest and meeting the patients then Tat 2 ended up as a patient just another normal day in the lives of Tat's

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