Thursday, 11 November 2010


All us Bears at Bears on Location have had a great season attending many shows and markets.
We launched our new children's adventure story book at the beginning of July The Bears of Porthors 'Alfie Finds Treasure' which has proven to be a big success with children and adults.
We are busy at present with book number two 'Day Trip from Porthors' after just receiving permission to take pictures of a local landmark and including it in the story, very exciting for us Bears.
So we are now looking to Christmas with many events leading up to it, We have two Bear fairs to attend one in Lostwithiel Cornwall on the 21st of Nov then the following weekend we will be at Beaulieu in the New Forest for the Christmas Bear fair on the 28th of Nov.
We hope to keep you all updated more often as we move into the new year!!

Hugs form all us Bears x


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